John Pawson to Designs Trophies for Fashion Awards 2017

Fashion Awards 2017

John Pawson arranged the trophies amid the present year’s Fashion Awards, which are each created utilizing a barrel molded bit of Swarovski valuable stone with a shaded “string” encased in the inside. Following in the steps of Mark Newson, who formed a year prior’s trophies, London-based Pawson was charged by the British Fashion Council and Swarovski to make a trophy for each of the 12 classes at the Fashion Awards 2017.


Fashion Awards 2017


Produced using Swarovski diamond, the arrangement is standard of the auxiliary organizer’s direct in vogue. Each trophy is fundamentally enhanced by a basic shaded stripe experiencing its center. Its best is cut at an edge, and the distinctions logo and class are printed lengthways in dim lettering.

“I expected to plot something diminished to its slightest complex possible casing, for this circumstance, the barrel – something you could get a handle on,” said Pawson. “The diamond barrel encasing a polish ‘string’ through its center is generally faceted, with a sideways best featuring a point of convergence. Its arrangement infers that each of the four sides give a substitute point of view of the string.”


Fashion Awards 2017


By using a vivid palette for the strings, Pawson expected to address the “not too bad assortment” of the 2017 respect champs – will’s personality proclaimed at an administration not long from now. “The palette of string tints is specific when seen freely and associating with when seen as a total, which discusses the better than average assortment of the 2017 respect champs,” he said.

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Beside arranging boutiques, including Christopher Kane’s London store, this is the main gone through Pawson has worked in plan since helping his father’s attire store in his 20s. “Given this individual history, there is lovely resonation in having the ability to make something that compliments achievements inside the business,” he said.


Fashion Awards 2017


Imagined in Yorkshire in 1949, Pawson set up his London office in 1981. Despite the way that he considered building, he never completed his readiness, so isn’t legitimately seen as an artist in the UK. Having completed a string of unimportant boutiques and religious spaces, Pawson revealed his most unmistakable errand to date – the new home for London’s Design Museum – a year back.

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