Alessandro Mendini Use Plastic Recycling into Pointilism Art

Plastic Recycling

The coordinated effort amongst ecopixel and atelier mendini has prompted an astounding Plastic Recycling industry development where ‘pixelated hues and reused plastics’ go as an inseparable unit. on account of alessandro mendini’s visionary tirelessness, a great 24x24mm ‘pixel’ has been produced utilizing destroyed plastic waste as a base material for a chaise longue called ALEX.


Plastic Recycling


Alessandro mendini’s uncommon outline drove the advancement of the pressurized ecopixel strategy assist ahead, blending the charming mélange of 8 precisely chose hues haphazardly into the superb mendini-blend, bringing about a remarkable appearance each time. ‘the exceptional characteristics of ecopixel has been an open door for intense articulation through surface and shading and has offered ascend to an energizing new multi-hued pixel-based approach’, says alessandro mendini. ‘ecopixel changes polyethylene squander into a work of pointillism’.


Plastic Recycling


Effective geometric structures are gotten from a mix of polygonal plane surfaces with dynamic direct edges. the ecopixel’s inventive ‘pressurized rotational generation strategy’ empowers a fresh, collapsed frame with forcefully characterized origami lines, bringing about a contemporary appearance that is drastically changed to customarily adjusted surfaces that are a side-effect of other creation methods. the ecopixel method arbitrarily joins hued pixels in the heavenly mendini-blend, making an unmistakable outcome without fail.

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Every chaise longue is separately numbered with an extraordinary marker plate and accompanies a testament and numbered duplicate of the first ©2017 drawing. ‘ALEX’ is 100% recyclable and made of up to 55% reused materials. ecopixel intends to utilize materials that will keep on being a piece of the reusing circle. withstanding temperatures from – 10°C up to +50°C implies ecopixel is reasonable for both indoor and open air situations. this material is staggeringly tough, yet delicate to the touch and brilliantly material.


Plastic Recycling


Ecopixel claims this new strategy for reusing plastics is made out of 100% low-thickness polyethylene (LDPE) and melts at 120°C, which implies it can be re-dissolved an unending number of times without modifying its properties. its low liquefying temperature implies its natural effect is likewise extraordinarily lessened amid the creation stage. the material can be liquefied into various shapes and hues, without homogenizing shading colors from its ‘crude’ waste material, bringing about an unmistakable pixelated appearance.

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